Television reception equipment

A wide variety of products are available for comfortable life, day-to-day digital communication, and the construction of large-scale systems.

Telecommunications equipment

In the way of telecommunications equipment, we are developing and producing a wide variety of products including not only antennas for mobile phones, as vital items in our daily life but also official emergency alert system, and digital MCA radio system for the distribution industry.

Telecommunications installation

Nippon Antenna is operating one step ahead of the times, taking the lead in the market by executing installation work for, among others, "prevention measures for TV electromagnetic interference," "MATV," "CATV," "satellite communication," "radio communication," and "a communal receiving system for hight-rise buildings." Needless to say, we do the maintenance work to ensure a comfortable broadcasting/communication environment.


  • Gap filler system
  • Research, designing and consulting
  • Optical transmission system for high-rise building(TV and BS/CS)
  • Shared optical fiber system
  • Insallation of digital transmission channel
  • Hybrid optical network
  • Connecting HT/cable modem
  • In-house satellite communication(VSAT)
  • BC/CS receiving system(TVRO)
  • Disaster-preventive radio system
  • Disaster-preventive system underground and in tunnels
  • Construction for closed space

Security equipment

In order to contribute to the safety and security for a more “Affluent society”, we offer extensive know-how and advanced technology by many years of broad business experience to telecommunications and broadcasting.