At Nippon Antenna, we work as a team to combine a variety of related departments, from product development through to sales, in an effort to provide the very best products possible.


ISO9001 (international standard for quality management)

Registration Number


Registered Sites

Head Office, Warabi Factory, Kawasato Factory,
Ishinomaki Atex Co., Ltd.

Applicable Standard

ISO9001:2015 (JIS Q 9001:2015)

Scope of Registration

  • Design, development and manufacture of communication antennas subcontracted as OEM.

  • Design, development and manufacture of electronic equipment for TV receiving system.

  • Construction and incidental work of TV community receiving system for government and public offices.

Initial Registration Date

December 15, 1993

Transition Date to ISO9001:2015

February 21, 2016

Manufacturing Technology

Nippon Antenna's development concept - "constantly striving for optimal quality" - gains trust. From development through to production, we provide sophisticated technology and digitalization services.

Radio Wave Anechoic Chamber

  1. Floor area: 760㎡
  2. Height: 16m (interior: 30m D x 14m H x 14m W)

Optical transmission development

Designing with CAD

Performance measurement room

Reliability Testing

At Nippon Antenna, we conduct comprehensive environment testing to ensure product reliability. Our products are delivered around the world only after their quality has been confirmed.