Nippon Antenna

Painting a great future

The first requirement for fostering and maintaining a rich and prosperous earth is that all of the people living in the various countries around the world share their concerns and learn understanding for one another. This is for the sake of a great future - for a world without borders. Nippon Antenna is working to become an ideal information communication company by promoting shared communication and understanding.


An overall manufacturer of antennas and related large-scale systems, Nippon Antenna provides support for the informaition-oriented society


A general antenna manufacturer supporting information communication, from antennas through to large-scale systems


Working to expand a development, manufacturing and sales system for cutting-edge products


Information about the organization of Nippon Antenna and its affiliated companies

Sales Network

Responding to a wide variety of needs via a network that extends across Japan

Commitment to Quality

Attaining high levels of customer satisfaction through personalized manufacturing technology and quality management

Environmental Activities

Carrying out environmental activities in line with Nippon Antenna's own "Environmental Policy" and "Guidelines for Behavior"

Financial Affairs